Friday, July 13, 2012

Obama Protest at Phoebus


Tea Party Wire | Obama Protest



Hampton Republican Chair Carl Anderson is organizing a Romney sign-wave to "Welcome" President Obama today at 3.30pm to Phoebus High School. Join the sign waving on Obama's route to Phoebus High School.  Those who are going to see him need to know there is an alternative.   


Meet at the corner of Woodland Road and Ireland Street (entrance to Phoebus High School) at 3:30 PM.


(Come early as parking will be a challenge.  It is a short hike from Woodlands Golf Course parking lot.)


Veterans for Romney will be there with signs or bring or make your own signs.


We need to show we will not be intimidated and we will get our message out no matter how many times Obama comes to visit Hampton Roads. Remember, we need to be respectful and courteous, but let them know we are here. If we should make the news, we don't want to be a bad example or to unduly motivate the other side.

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