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Welcome to the Tea Party Wire. This letter is to keep you abreast on what the Peninsula Tea Party is doing.


For decades, if not centuries, there have been Non-Governmental Organizations whose purpose is to stifle our liberties. They do not seek compromise, they seek power. To protect our individual rights, we must do it as a collective.


"Behind the Green Mask"

Rosa Koire

May 21st 


Crowne Plaza Williamsburg

6945 Pocahontas Trail

Wiliamsburg, VA


Rosa Koire : UN's Agenda 21 Sustainable Development Deception ~ 5/21/2012
Rosa Koire : UN's Agenda 21 Sustainable Development Deception ~ 5/21/2012


Monday, May 21st @ 7:00pm

The Concerned Citizens of the Historic Triangle is sponsoring a presentation by Rosa Koire. Rosa' is a dynamic speaker and activist who provides an excellent presentation on how the United Nations' is influencing our local government in implementing Agenda 21. 


Have you wondered why city councils continue to invest in multi-use housing, light rail, smart meters, GMOs and pass anti-capitalistic ordinance that infringe on our property rights. As an appraiser, Rosa has the experience and understanding how this occurs.


MEET AND GREET LUNCHEON. Monday, May 21 @ 11am - 1:30, a Meet and Greet Luncheon will be held at the Toano Women's Club. Meals cost $25 to attend. Please RSVP 


ON THE RADIO. Friday, May 18th @ 1:15pm, Rob Schilling of the Schilling Show will interview Rosa. Listen on-line at WINA Charlottesville AM 1070.



Congratulations to Joanne Morse and

David Dietrich...Fellow Patriots!

Great job to Joanne Morse and David Dietrich for running for Hampton School Board members. They are regular attendees at Peninsula Tea Party events and stepped up to run for local office on May 1. Joanne ran for the Chesapeake District C School Board member and Dave ran for District B.    


Great Job! ...and Thank You for stepping up and being active. Even though we did not win these elections, we look forward to their leadership and advice on future Tea Party candidates. This is the type of influence we need to pursue.  


Again, great job and thank you for your inspiration! 


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Wisconsin's Scott Walker 

Recall Election


After taking on the unions, Wisconsin is attempting to recall Scott Walker in a recall election held June 5th. He will go against Milwaukee's Mayor Tom Barrett. According to sources, Obama and the unions are looking to oust Governor Walker so austerity measures and balancing the budget can be reversed. 


The concern is that unions will be empowered to take on anyone who implements harsh austerity measures, which is needed to balance the budget at the local level.  


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Indiana Tea Party overcomes

 35 year Veteran, Lugar


Richard Lugar, a 35-year U.S. Senate veteran, is the first victim of the Tea Party in the 2012 elections. The Indiana Senator lost the primary to Richard Mourdock, a Tea Party supported candidate. Even though Lugar had not lived in Indiana since 1977, Lugar voted for Obama's Supreme Court appointees Sotomayor and Kagan.


Reuters immediately paints the Tea Party candidate as the aggressor against a "soft-spoken Senator for votes in support of Democratic President Barack Obama." Conservative groups and candidates are being painted as bullies and being blamed for the partisanship. 


Again, great job by another Tea Party to get their people elected.


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May's Peninsula Tea Party meeting will postpone due to Rosa Koire's presentation but please "Save the Date" for future PTP presentations. They will be given the last Wednesday of each month at 6 pm.


June 27th 

July 25th 

August 29th 

September 26th 

October 31st


After the 2012 Elections, we will also have meetings on November 14th and December 12th.


Our work has just begun.


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