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Peninsula Tea Party | June 27, 2012


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Postponed Tea Party Meeting


Our Peninsula Tea Party meeting tonight has been postponed.


Please note when future "Save the Date" PTP meetings are scheduled for the last Wednesday of each month at 6 pm, unless otherwise specified: 


Jul 25, Aug 29, Sep 26 and Oct 31


After the 2012 Elections and due to the holidays, we will hold those last two meetings on Mon, Nov 12th and Mon, Dec 10th. 



Rio + 20... "a monumental floundering"


A quote from the extensive, detailed article linked below:

"The Future We Want" Rio+20 Earth Summit should have been named "The Future We Dread" since freedom loving Americans and free market supporters have been pushing back against the destructive march of controlling environmentalists against private property, prosperity, economic development, and sovereignty. We take a collective sigh of relief since the Earth Summit appears to have ended in a monumental floundering...."




ObamaCare Ruling Tomorrow

Nancy Pelosi walks past protestors with big
Nancy Pelosi walks past protestors with big


We anticipate a ruling on Obamacare tomorrow, Thursday, June 28th. Seems like forever since the Senate passed healthcare on that Christmas Eve in 2009. ...or when Nancy Pelosi walked down the street carrying the gavel used for the 1965 Civil Rights bill.

No matter what the Supreme Court rules, our work is not done. If the entire law is thrown out, Congress will likely take up the issue again. The President will use it as a campaign tool to fire up his base and he'll need to be reelected. We cannot let this happen. This Thursday is just another hurdle and we have many more to navigate in order to ensure that the America we know and love is preserved for futured generations. 


NO to Health Care Exchanges



Virginia Tea Party is on record with the VA Governor, along with 5 other grassroots groups, against setting up a Health Care exchange for VA.


This is a succinct explanation of why states should not move forward with an exchange. Please forward to your members so everyone knows the rationale behind our stance against an exchange.


Please contact Governor McDonell and ask him NOT to set up a Health Care Exchange for VA 804-786-2211



High Court Decision on Immigration Law


ALERT from our friends at Progressives for Immigration Reform. Don't let this Thinktank's name turn you off. Leah Durant is one of us and picked this name on purpose. The Virginia Tea Party has been working with Leah for 3 yrs on the immigration issue. Please feel free to contact her. She does an occasional super conference call and will not bury you in email if you get on her list. 


In a ruling issued moments ago the U.S. Supreme Court rejected arguments that leave states no role in enforcing

federal immigration law. Instead, the Court established the rule that the federal government and states should work together to address America's growing immigration crisis.


Although hotly contested, Justices astutely rejected arguments that Arizona's S.B. 1070 would lead to racial profiling. While some provisions were struck down today, the Court let stand the part of the law requiring police to check the immigration status of anyone they detain, so long as there is a reasonable suspicion that the person is in the country unlawfully.


Provisions struck down by the Court were those portions of the law making it a misdemeanor for

immigrants to fail to carry identification, and making it a state crime for illegal aliens to apply for a job. The Court also established that police may not arrest someone based solely on the suspicion that the person is in the country illegally.


The Court's ruling today reinforces that immigration laws currently in place should serve the national interest and promote employment for all Americans.

"It is important to remember that the purpose of immigration has always been to serve the national interest, to regulate labor, and to protect the interest of citizens and legal immigrants already in the country," said Leah Durant, Executive Director of Progressives for Immigration Reform. "In its ruling, the Supreme Court has affirmed that the provisions of S.B. 1070, and similar state bills do nothing more than what is already required by federal law."


Progressives for Immigration Reform is a volunteer 501(c)(3) organization. Our goals are to educate the public on the unintended consequences of mass migration and to promote legislation and policies to address them. Donations to PFIR are deductible for tax purposes.



Progressives for Immigration Reform

888 16th Street, NW

(202) 543-5325

Voter Fraud In the Making?


An email re'd from a friend:

Forgive me if you've received this from another source, but it is absolutely critical that everyone be aware of this. This instance occured in Virginia, but research by the recipients found that this has happened across the country. A friend's wife received a voter registatration form that seemed to be from the Virginia State Board of Elections, but the zip code on the envelope had a different zip code than the actual zip code for the VA Board of Elections. They started doing some research and found that the mail had actually come from a George Soros funded group. As most of you know, George Soros is known to fund Progressive organizations throughout the country including Media Matters and The Center for American Progress.


Please take a moment to click the link below and read the article in its entirety including the linked information within the article. The document that they received included spaces for her to include her social security number and her date of birth with a zip code going to God knows where. Even if you agree with the Progressive agenda you should NEVER provide your social security number and date of birth in a transaction that you did not initiate. These mailings are very likely NOT coming from your state's Board of Elections. BE AWARE and please pass this on.


There is a link to share on facebook and twitter once you click on the article.



Jun 20, 2012 - Congress voted to not do anything about this runaway EPA. The great news is that Senator Warner and Webb voted against the measure but the bad news is that the measure lost 53-46-1. There were five (5) Democrats who voted for the bill, five (5) Republicans voted against with one (1) Republican abstain.
Click here to see how Congress voted.


Tell Senators Warner & Webb to Support

Senate Joint Resolution 37


Millions of Virginia families and businesses could see a dramatic increase in their electric bills and hundreds of workers throughout the Commonwealth could be at risk of losing their jobs if a controversial new EPA regulation is allowed to take effect this year.


The EPA's recent Utility MACT Rule ( regulating mercury and other power plant emissions will increase Virginian's electric bills by as much as 24 percent and could force as many as half of Virginia's coal-fired power plants to shut down, forcing hundreds of workers out of a job and making Virginia more dependent on imported electricity. And, under this rule it will be impossible to build new coal plants in the United States, costing Virginia numerous opportunities for new jobs and economic development.


Please contact Senators Warner and Webb as soon as possible, and tell them not to turn their backs on the millions of hardworking families and small businesses in Virginia that would be hurt by this draconian EPA regulation.


Contrary to what you hear from some environmentalists, coal-fired power plants are only responsible for about one half of one percent of the emissions regulated by this rule. Coal plants in the U.S. produce about the same amount of these emissions as forest fires and less than ten percent of the emissions generated by Chinese coal plants.


Putting this in perspective, we could eliminate all coal-fired power plants in the U.S. - as the MACT Rule aims to do - and we won't have made a dent in 99.5% of the mercury in the air we now breathe. One expert put it best when he said the Utility MACT Rule is "all pain and no gain."


Virginia can't afford to lose more jobs, and our families and small businesses can't afford to pay higher electric bills!

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