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Peninsula Tea Party


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Peninsula Tea Party

June 27th - Get Out The Vote

Wednesday, June 27th


The Peninsula Tea Party will be holding a "Get Out the Vote" working meeting. During this meeting, we will discuss developing a permanent Peninsula Tea Party Voter Registration program. Details of the location are still being worked. Please respond with suggestions.


Save the Dates

Please note "Save the Date" for future PTP meetings. They are scheduled for the last Wednesday of each month at 6 pm, unless otherwise specified:


August 29th

September 26th

October 31st


After the 2012 Elections, November 14th and December 12th will be held the second Wednesday of the month.


Our work has only begun.


Peninsula Tea Party

July 25th - ObamaCare

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Obama Care
Dr. Carrie Triepel - Obama Care


Angelo's Steak and Pancake House

755 J. Clyde Morris Blvd

Newport News, VA 23601


Dr Carrie Triepel will join us on July 25th to discuss Obamacare and its implications on our healthcare system. She is a surgeon that practices hand and orthepedic surgery in Virginia Beach.


Dr. Triepel will discuss how Obamacare affects her practice and medical care. As the Supreme Court rules on Obamacare in June, the verdict should not capitalize how the federal government is infringing on our liberties. What is next?


This meeting will start at 7pm on Wednesday, July 25th.



"Education or Indoctrination"

Friday, June 22nd

10am to 4pm


Holiday Inn

2000 Staples Mill Rd

Richmond, VA 23230


Prince William County TEA Party Patriots will host their Second Annual Education Summit on Friday, June 22nd from 10am to 4pm.


This event is for people with a passion for fixing our K-12 Education System. It's designed for activists working on textbooks, Standards of Learning, collateral materials and approaches to teaching our children.


To register for this event, it's $25 for the enitre day and includes lunch and refreshments. Please visit to register:



Convention or Primary?

Sign our Petition






If you are a voter, but have not seriously engaged in party politics, you may not understand the process through which the Republican Party of Virginia select its' candidates.  There are two methods used: Conventions and Primaries.


I encourage you to do your own research.


In a nutshell it is easier for a conservative to receive the Republican Nomination through Conventions rather than Primaries. This is because the candidate with the largest grassroots support can enlist a more loyal following to invest a day at a convention.  Furthermore, if there are multiple candidates, a convention forces consolidation and run-off's.


In a primary, to get elected, a candidate mostly needs money and name recognition.  Money purchases airtime, signs and loyalty, which will turn out votes in a Primary, and the candidate with the most votes wins, regardless of the percentage of the vote - i.e. in a four way race a candidate can win with 25.26 % of the vote, and there would be no run-off.


The sad reality is Primaries often turns out an uneducated voting block either about the issues or the candidates - folks simply know the name of the individual who could purchase the most airtime.  It also turns out our opposition, the Democrats, to vote in OUR selection process, generally for the more liberal candidate.


What you may not know is that for the last two election cycles, The Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) has voted to select their candidates through a Primary system, not a Convention.  In fact, before the 2011 election, RPV voted to hold primaries for the 2013 selection process.  Never before in the history of our Commonwealth has that decision been made that early.  Many believe that efforts were strategically done to shut out the newly engaged grassroots activists, who were still focused on the 2011 elections and not forward thinking enough to be watching the strategies for 2013 that were being played out.


Grassroots activists who want to save America are doing so on shoe string budgets.  While many candidates say they are conservative, they are fearful of their ability to garner the volunteers to win in a convention, so they are pushing for Primaries.  Again, I encourage you to do your own research.


On June 15th, The Central Committee of Virginia will reconsider the vote they took in October about whether our 2013 nomination process should be a Convention or a Primary.  I am asking you to sign a petition which will go to The Central Committee of The Republican Party of Virginia, asking them to vote for Conventions.


Send a message that you want Conventions as the method to select your candidates in Virginia.


Here is the link for that Petition - for the entire state of Virginia.  Please sign today.



Thank you for your time and serious consideration in this very important matter.  If you agree - Please forward this message to your sphere of influence and ask them to sign the petition as well.


Primaries/Conventions - A Significant Segment of the War at Hand



Nebraska "Establishment" candidate

Lost in GOP Primary


Last month, Senator Lugar lost his primary in Indiana. This month, Deb Fischer won over another establishment candidate. Even though Deb Fischer was not a Tea Party candidate, she was endorsed by Sarah Palin and Hermaine Cain.


It was a victory for conservatives even splitting the vote. It is time we start working that same magic here on the Peninsula.


Read More


On the Lookout

WISCONSIN Recall Election

"the impact of an organized Tea Party"


Tomorrow will be the Wisconsin recall election for Governor Scott Walker, his Lt Governor and four other Senators.


The Los Angeles Times article freezes Governor Walker as the nemesis of the Unions and Democrats who are fighting against the "greedy oligarchs out to force the working class to its knees." It does not mention that Governor Walker turned an economy into a surplus, minimal teachers were laid off and businesses are moving to Wisconsin. Just makes the emotional appeal that the superheros of Unions and Democrats are fighting off the nemesis of Scott Walker and the Tea Party.


The Tea Party has been working hard in Wisconsin. Of course, the media does not mention it but they are working hard. With the media propaganda, unions, Democrats and some Republicans, it only shows that the sleeping giant has awoken. This recall election only highlights the importance of the Peninsula Tea Party organizing. So WHEN that fight comes here...we are prepared.




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