Sunday, November 7, 2010

Peninsula Tea Party Meeting

Peninsula Tea Party Meeting: "Peninsula Tea Party Meeting
Wednesday, 29 September 2010 15:38 | Written by Seth Fisher
The room at Kelly’s Tavern filled quickly with over 70 people; both young and old members of the community were present.
Several community leaders attended such as Greg Garrett, a member of the York County Republican Committee and a core member of the Tuscany Forum; Chuck Young, the chair of the Newport News Republican Committee; Lou Call and Pat Coile. It should be mentioned that Carl Anderson, the Peninsula Tea Party secretary is also the chair of the Hampton Republican Committee.
The Peninsula Tea Party was started twice in 2009, but there hasn’t been any activity since early last year, so with the former organizers blessing, the new leadership committee moved forward in organizing their first event. The leadership committee consists of Mary Leedom (coordinator), Gail Keller (treasurer), Carl Anderson (secretary), Linda Harris (board member), and Robert Alexander (webmaster)."