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Issue: # 2012-12
Oct / 2012

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Property Rights
PTP Round Discussion
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Upcoming Events

Presidential Debate
October 16 and 22, 2012

Obama/Romney Presidential Debate
Town Meeting format including
foreign & domestic policy
Tues, Oct 16, 2012 @ 9pm


Peninsula Tea Party "Round Table" Discussion
Wed, Oct 17th @ 6:30pm


Health Care "Round Table"



Hampton Public Library
4207 Victoria Blvd
Hampton, VA 23669
See description below 
Va Board of ED SOQ Public Hearing
Thurs, Oct 18th @ 7pm

Public Hearing on Revisions

to the Standards of Quality


Bethel High School - Aduitorium
Hampton Public Schools
1067 Big Bethel Road
Hampton, VA 23666



Constitutional Conversation

Thurs, Nov 1st @ 6:30pm - 9pm  


"Election Law &  

the Right to Vote"


Williamsburg Public Library
515 Scotland Street
Williamsburg, VA 23185


View Consitutional Conversation Schedule

Nov 16 - 18, 2012 

Virginia Tea Party
Federation Annual Conference



Annual Conference

Nov 16, 3pm - Nov 18, noon


Crowne Plaza Downtown

555 E. Canal Street

Richmond, VA  23219


Private Conference for Tea Party and Patriot Group members


This grassroots is well aware of the issues we face in winning our country back. This conference will focus on "Where we go from here and how"...tools...solutions...next steps!


18-24 seminars and workshops


Go to the tickets: http://vtpp2012.eventbrite.com

Property Rights Amendment
Vote "Yes" for Virginia Eminent Domain
Constitutional Amendment
Our founding fathers understood the importance of property rights. This is why the U.S. Constitution's Fifth Amendment protects this fundamental right. It protects the individual's decision-making authority to do with their property as they deem necessary. 
Over the centuries, this right has eroded until 2005 when the U.S. Supreme Court infringed on this right with the ruling of Kelo v. New London. The Court ruled "that the general benefits a community enjoyed from economic growth qualified private redevelopment plans as a permissible 'public use' under the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment."
Since this ruling, city managers, planners and elected officials across the nation have been developing "Master Plans" to justify their decisions of other's properties.
To combat this, Virginia State legislators and Virginia Tea Party Federation fought to get a Constitutional Amendment on the ballot. 

These two videos demonstrate a contrast between individual property rights and collective property rights.

Bob Wilson provides a glimpse of an individual practicing his property rights and his business in providing a legacy to his family and contributing to the community. Able to make decisions in the best interest of his business, Mr. Wilson contributes to his community and provides to the collective. 
Rob Bell & Bob Wilson - Eminent Domain
Rob Bell & Bob Wilson - Eminent Domain (Thanks to HRTP)

Warren Harris, Virginia Beach Director of Economic Development provides a glimpse into the collective property rights ownership. He gave a presentation on the future of Virginia Beach and incorporating "Light Rail".
"We're not going to be a community that is developed...in a shotgun approach, sprawl is no longer the design development of the day."


This Youtube video was uploaded by AlphaCollegeofRE.

PTP Round Table Discussion

Wed, Oct 17th @ 6:30pm 

Affordable Care Act
Please join us at the Hampton Library Wednesday, October 17th @ 6:30pm
for the viewing of the newest Tea Party Patriots movie
"The Determinators", then we'll have a round table discussion concerning where we
stand with health care legislation. The Virginia Tea Party Federation is supporting the
Health Care Compact for justified reasons.
Hampton Public Library
4207 Victoria Blvd
Hampton, VA 23669
See Agenda and Descrption of Health Care laws.
Current News

Assisted Living seeks planning commission to approve new addition (Oct 14, 12)


UN plans to send troops to Turkey (Oct 13, 12)


Global Warming Ended 16 years ago (Oct 13, 12)


...fuzzy math, Voodoo economics... 

114K jobs added...Unemployment decreased from 8.1% to 7.8% (Oct 7, '12)

290K jobs added...Unemployment rate rises from 9.7% to 9.9% (May 7, '10)


President Obama and DCC raises $181 million, 2% reportable (Oct 6, '12)


Fourteen Schools in Hampton and Newport News fail (Sep 26, '12)

Newport news Superintendent receives 10 percent raise...Strong Performance (Jul 12, '12)


"State of the Hampton Roads Region" provided by ODU's Economic Department (Oct '12)

-       Powerful Economic Engines...Medical Schools

-       ODU shows the way in medical simulation work

James Koch produced all 13 State of the Region report (Oct 7, '12)

-   Who we are, what we want and what's keeping us from getting it.


W&M VIMS Receives $999K from EPA Grant to Help Protect Bay (Oct 3, 12)


CNU receives $84K grant from USDA for Farmer's Market (Sep 25, '12)


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