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Apr / 2014

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Is Article V Convention a path to a New Constitution
Virginia HOA Bill Passes
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Apr 13

Is an Article V Convention the

Road to a New Constitution?



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Apr 24

Concerned Women for America

Prayer/Action Chapter 



Bethel Baptist Church

1004 Yorktown Road

Yorktown, VA  23693


Government Notables


United States Congress

HR 4367: Internet Stewardship Act of 2014




HB 791 - Condominium and Property Owners' Association Acts...rule enforcement





If you have specific legislation that hits home, provide examples of why it should or shouldn't support it, I will be glad to include it in the next edition.


If you read certain legislation differently, please feel free to share also.


Mon, Apr 14 @ 6:30pm
Please come to hear

Jeff Lewis, cofounder and National Director of

Richard D. Fry, cofounder of and lead counsel for discuss 


 Ramifications of the latest Article Five Convention promotions (such as Convention of States, Balanced Budget Amendment and Liberty Amendments).

Cary and Doug Nunnally's

    Nine Hilton Terrace, Newport News VA 23601

RSVP via email please:

Space is limited.


If you simply cannot attend:

Live broadcast viewed at 6:45pm:

Archived footage and our other Article V debate videos:


HOA Bill Passes In Virginia

Jim LeMunyon, the same legislature who has been pushing a Article V Convention, gets the Homeowner's association passed.

Passed House 82-Y, 15-N

Passed Senate, 35-Y, 4-N

HB 791 - Condominium and Property Owners'
Association Acts; rule enforcement, appeals
Need a lawyer to defend your property rights...HOAs now have the right to take you to court.
Article V Convention - Repeal and Replace the 2nd Amendment, Gun Rights
Article V Convention - Repeal and Replace the 2nd Amendment, Gun Rights


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