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The Assault on the U.S. Constitution - Calling a convention

Issue: # 2013-20
Jan 2013

I ask you to contact your representative and let them know your position on having an Article V convention. I sent a request to all the identified representatives urging them NOT to support Virginia applying for an Article V convention.
There are two methods of REFORMING the US Constitution and they are vastly different, there is the Amendment process and the Convention process. In 2004, Virginia moved to rescind all previous applications for calling a Convention with the passage of HJ 194. It passed 128 to 5.
Don't let Virginia be on the list for calling a convention.

Our nation is not in trouble because of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence or the Bill of Rights. Our nation is in trouble because we have deviated from these great documents.
What would a convention look like today?
All comments represent my opinions and none of any organization. I used videos to reinforce my message on the passion some have to conduct a convention and the impact a convention will have on our country. Please distribute as needed as other states are feeling this same pressure.

Virginia's Balance Budget Amendment by Convention 

HJR No. 565 - Prefilled Dec 10, 2012 


Patrons in favor of Bill 

(Click on their name for Contact information)

Del James M. LeMunyon (R) - House District 67

Del David B. Albo (R) - House District 42

Del Richard L. Anderson (R) - House District 51 

Del Anne B. Crockett-Stark (R) - House District 6 

Del C. Matthew Fariss (R) - House District 59
Del Christopher T. Head (R) - House District 17 

Del William J. Howell (R) - House District 28 

Del Timothy D. Hugo (R) - House District 40 

Del Joseph P. Johnson, Jr. (D) - House District 4 

Del Daniel W. Marshall (R) - House District 14 

Del James P. Massie (R) - House District 72 

Del Rick L. Morris (R) - House District 64 

Del Christopher K. Peace (R) - House District 97 

Del David I. Ramadan (R) - House District 87 

Del Roxann L. Robinson (R) - House District 27 

Del Christopher P. Stolle (R) - House District 83 


"required by Article V to call such a convention upon receipt of such applications from two-thirds of the states"

What is a Constitutional Convention



According to Article V of the US Constitution, there are ONLY two methods to REFORMING our Constitution.

The first method is the Amendment Process that involves Congress and ratification by the states. All 17 Amendments used this method to be ratified.

The other method is by a Convention whereas the whole Constitution is on the table. This was how we got our US Constitution but do you trust the Constitution with the curent cast of characters.

Our founders called a convention to amend the Articles of Confederation whereas they needed all 13 states to ratify. Once the Convention convened, they changed it to only needing 9 of the 13.




Convention Coming Soon!

We Demand Our Convention to Propose Amendments.

We Demand Our Convention to

Propose Amendments.


There are some who want a Convention and they'll do whatever they can to have one called. It's not about fixing problems but calling a convention.



Should This Man Decide On Our Constitution? 

Article V Constitutional Convention
Article V Constitutional Convention
Watch the entire video
Warning: It's disturbing 


Harvard University invited David Cobb on their political panel at a Harvard Constitutional Convention Conference held on Sept 24 - 25, 2011.


"I stand for codifying a new social contract and I will now take off the move to amend hat and put on the David Cobb hat and say the social contract I wanna be part of says we have access to health care as a fundamental human right, every human being has enough food to eat, everybody has adequate housing in this country"


 "the world I wanna live in, we need a broad and deep social movement pushing it"


Harvard Law Professor on Convention

Professor Tribe, Part 2 of 2 - Concerns about a Convention
Professor Tribe - Concerns about a Convention


The whole Constitution, up for grabs.

 Second Amendment:   

Is it the Needed Social Movement 


During a Convention...the Whole Constitution is on the Table! 


...we need a broad and deep social movement pushing it, is this the necessary social movement?


What easier way to take away your Second Amendment Rights than to repeal the Second Amendment!

Biden: Obama Considering 'Executive Order' to Deal With Guns
Biden: Obama Considering 'Executive Order' to Deal With Guns


We justify Gun Control as a our 2nd Amendment Right. Imagine if you supported gun control.



Georgetown Law Professor: Constitution Should Be Abolished  

America : Georgetown Univ Professor says it's Time To Ditch The Constitution (Jan 07, 2012)
America: Georgetown Univ Professor says it's Time To Ditch The Constitution (Jan 07, 12)


Taught Constitutional Law for 40 years 



Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg  

"I would not look to the US Constitution if I were  

drafting a constitution in the year 2012"  

Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg Defames U.S. Constitution.@ 2:23
Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg Defames U.S. Constitution.@ 2:23


- Constitution should protect fundamental "Human Rights", we have individual rights.



Friends of Article V Convention - "Is it too Late?" 

Bill Walker Address to Harvard Conference on the Constitutional Convention
Bill Walker Address
Harvard Conference on the Constitutional Convention

Now! They want to uphold the Constitution! Where was he when we went to war with Libya?

- Our sole purpose is to call a Convention 



Beware of a Convention 

Beware Constitutional Convention! (part 2 of 3)
Beware Constitutional Convention!

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