Friday, January 7, 2011

Next Meeting: Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Special Election Candidates to Address Peninsula Tea Party

Four Candidates for 91st Legislative District House of Delegates Seat have agreed to address the members and guests of the Peninsula Tea Party.  
Other Candidates are also welcome.  The Tea Party has revised the schedule of their January 11th meeting at Kelly’s Tavern in Hampton to allow this forum to hear from the Candidates.

   The individuals who have indicated interest in becoming candidates who have agreed to attend at this time are:  Chad Green, York County; Poquoson Mayor Gordon Helsel; Teresa Vanasse Schmidt, Hampton; and Hampton Councilman Chris Stuart.   Each of these individuals have indicated the intent to run for the Republican Nomination in a Canvass to be held on January 18th

   The meeting is Tuesday, January 11, 2011 at 6 PM at Kelly’s Tavern 1934 Coliseum Drive in Hampton (just off Mercury Blvd.).    

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  1. From Mary Leedom;

    We are preparing questions for the four announced candidates.

    We have moved the meeting to the front room of the restaurant. Please arrive early to order food and get seated. We will be set up by five and start the meeting promptly at six.

    Peninsula Tea Party Candidate Forum

    Many of the top issues in the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation Cooperative Legislative Action Committee known by many as CoLA involves 10th Amendment issues.

    In an effort to be fair to both the Candidates and the Members of the Peninsula Tea Party, and in the interest of the short time we have available to hear from the Candidates, we are going to primarily ask questions based on the Virginia 10th Amendment Brochure which specifies the 12 top Virginia Legislative issues for this Session of the General Assembly.

    10th Amendment Brochure and/or web site. (Click on Legislation on the right side)

    Due to the timing of this Special Election, we realize these Candidates will have little or no opportunity to actually vote or influence legislation in this session. However, answers to these current and pressing issues will give us good insight as to their positions on these and similar legislation in the future.

    We have drawn lots to determine the order in which the Candidates will take the questions.

    We will begin with each Candidate giving us a 2 Minute Introductory Statement and then will get right into the questions.

    Each Candidate will be given 2 minutes to answer their question and other Candidates will be given an optional 1 minute to respond or comment.

    Some questions will be asked of all Candidates.

    A Peninsula Tea Party member will keep the time and indicate such to the Candidates.

    At the end of the time allotted, we will allow each Candidate a 2 Minute Closing Statement.

    Introductory Statements


    Closing Statements